• Three Modeled Pool Numbers Wang Qizhuang——Finding the N-shaped inflection point when abnormally heavy stocks are pulled up again
  • Vertical and horizontal K-line of the three modeled stock pools-precise positioning platform breaks through individual stocks
  • Three modeled stock pools, long-term gold stocks — In response to the good performance of high-performing stocks in the bear market, Qianli Qiankun launched the "long-term gold stocks" high-performance stock pool in this round of courses
  • Explosion volume of the tactical model-look for abnormal volume energy, and there are stocks breaking through the trending stocks, and the trading volume starts the refueling action.
  • The short-term dark horse of the tactical model-rich and powerful, quantity first, look for abnormal heavy volume and issue point B stocks at the same time
  • The capture amount of the tactical model-the bottom of the fire eye golden eye judgment
  • The stock selection of the tactical model can be viewed in the conditional stock selection-VIP
  • Risk Control MACD of VIP Indicators-Strict Risk Control to Avoid Downside Risks