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Practical exercises of various tactics and scenario-based strategies; the tactics taught by the course can be tested and implemented.
Combat System 3.0 Professional Edition: Strategies for Investment Training Courses Exclusive Courses: Detailed Explanation of the Principles and Principles of Operations The Strongest Fundamentals: Zero Fundamentals Society Value
The strategy teacher talks online, interprets each strategy in depth, and assists with investment decisions.
Knowledge module Course Title learning target
Market and value Cognitive Value of Stock Market 1. Know yourself and the market.
2. Understand the key points of value stocks, the fundamentals of stock selection
3. Understand the core of growth stocks, quick financial analysis
Trends and bands Trend analysis trader line right wave 1. It will divide the trend structure and trend line.
2.Using the trading line and the gold three buying method, grasp the bottom to start the real buying point.
Buying and trading Inner US short-wave trading 1. Grasp the morphological characteristics of the bottom and select the bottom stock opportunity of individual stocks
2.Able to repeatedly operate on good stocks
Building a strategic system Building a strategic system 1. Three factors break down your investment style.
Steps 2 and 5 to build your investment system.
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  • Very satisfied, insist on listening, learn slowly, strive to learn the operation method of the band, and find the "old friend" that suits you
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  • In the past, the operation was confusing. It ’s like taking a driver ’s license after class. Thank you teacher
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  • The teacher's lesson is tempting, and the difficulties are outstanding. I like it and want to listen! Thank you, teacher!
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  • It is important to understand the market before doing stocks, especially the three elements of profitability, as well as investment psychology. There are certain gains from learning!