1.Introduction to Xiangcai Securities
Answer: The registered capital of Xiangcai Securities Co., Ltd. is 3.683 billion yuan, and the legal representative is Lin Junbo. Scope of business: securities brokerage; securities investment consulting; financial consultants related to securities trading and securities investment activities; securities underwriting and sponsorship; securities self-employment; securities asset management; securities investment fund agency sales; financing and securities lending business; Other securities businesses approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
2. Is it safe to open an account online?
A: At present, banks and securities companies have realized paperless online operations and business operations. Financial institutions have strict supervision over information storage, including filling in information and uploading ID cards. They are transmitted to the Xiangcai system as soon as possible to reduce information leakage. Link.
3. I already have three accounts. How do I open them again?
A: If there are three households, you can choose any one to go to the sales department to cancel the account. If you don't want to cancel the account, you can transfer the account of the brokerage business outlet of the corresponding account in the place where the transfer is located. .
4. What should I do if I forget my fund account?
A: Forgot the fund account or did not receive the fund account, you can call the national customer service hotline 95351 or the business department telephone 021-65058562.
5. How is the current account transferred to hosting?
A: You can transfer the stocks in the original brokerage company to Xiangcai Securities. The Shanghai A account needs to go to the original brokerage company to take the withdrawal instructions. The Shenzhen a account can handle the transfer of escrow. The Shanghai A seat is 39663. The Shanghai B seat is 20029. The Deep A seat is 398792.
6. How to apply for a VIP trading channel for 500,000 asset users?
A: First, you need to open an account of Xiangcai Securities through Yimeng channel and deposit 500,000. After that, there will be telephone communication and guidance of Xiangcai staff to sign the agreement until it is successfully processed.
7. Banks supported by Xiangcai Securities Account Opening
Answer: Supporting banks include Shanghai Bank, Industrial Bank, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Guangzhou Bank, Guangfa Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, SPDB, Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, Everbright Bank, Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Jiangsu, Postal Savings Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China