"Baby, you put yourself in your heart and leave it to the parents and mom in a rainy day. It is really hard for you to regret every simple language and call out to mom. What can mom do to enter your world and make you recognize Knowing the outside world. Holding your little hand and saying goodbye to loneliness is all the mother has to do in this life ... "

This is a song written by a parent of an autistic child in China to his child. There are autistic children in the family, and the parents' heartache and helplessness cannot be truly felt by outsiders.

Autism, also known as autism, is called "cancer" in mental illness. Many cases occur in infants and young children, and are mainly manifested in different degrees of speech development disorders, interpersonal communication disorders, narrow interests and stereotyped behavior. About three-quarters of the patients are accompanied by significant mental retardation, and some children have better abilities in certain aspects in the context of general mental retardation.

According to incomplete statistics, there are about 76 million autistic patients worldwide, and 13 million patients in China alone, of which over 2 million are children aged 0-14, and they are constantly rising.

Unlike ordinary children, it is difficult for them to build emotions with those around them. Children with autism and their families are under severe economic and psychological pressure. In recent years, as the prevalence has continued to increase and social attention has been low, children with autism are generally faced with practical problems such as difficulty in diagnosis, rehabilitation training and schooling, and their growing environment is worrying.
Rainbow Special Care Program for Special Children

,是益盟股份于2007年携手陕西省西部发展基金会成立,致力于帮助特殊儿童服务发展的专项基金,该基金是目前西部第一个也是唯一一个专门针对特殊儿童,包括残障、自闭症和贫困儿童的专项基金,以呼吁全社会共同关注特殊儿童的现状。 The Yimeng Rainbow Special Care Program for Special Children is a special fund established by Yimeng Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the Shaanxi Western Development Foundation in 2007 and dedicated to helping the development of special children's services. , Including special funds for children with disabilities, autism and poverty, to call on society to focus on the status of special children.

Since the establishment of the Rainbow Special Care Program for Special Children, more than ten autism day activities have been held. There are spring trips with children, art exhibitions in art galleries, and performance art activities in the library. Yimeng Co., Ltd. joined hands with the "Qing Congquan Children's Intelligent Training Center" to name a number of classrooms and improve the school premises, and donated more than one million yuan to help hundreds of children and many tutors.

Continue to care for children with autism, Yimeng continues ...
In 2017, Yimeng volunteers helped the 10th World Autism Day Charity Concert
In 2016, Yimeng sponsored the large-scale public welfare event of "Love Star Run" on the 9th World Autism Day
In 2013, Yimeng and Qing Congquan jointly held a public exhibition for children with autism who walked into the world of the stars.
In 2012, Yimeng sponsored Qing Congquan Autistic Children's "Christmas Party"
In 2011, Yimeng, together with Qing Congquan and FM105.7, jointly organized the "farthest distance in the world" caring for autism.
In 2010, Yimeng held the "We Love Painting World Expo" social welfare event
In 2009, Yimeng held the spring tour of "Big hands holding small hands, letting your dreams fly"
In 2008, Yimeng held a spring outing for autistic children
In 2007, Yimeng's "Rainbow Special Care Program for Special Children" was established
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  • 我曾接触过几个患自闭症的孩子,他们其实也很可爱。 Xiao Meng Mi Yu I have contacted several children with autism and they are actually very cute. Every sound they make is so happy.
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  • 谢谢益盟人,因为有你们,我们的孩子就不孤单! Qing Congquan Chen Jie thank you Yimeng, because with you, our children are not alone!
  • 希望越来越多的人关注自闭症群体! Li Nong Beijing hopes more and more people will pay attention to the autistic group!
  • 自闭症的父母不要放弃,有爱心,奇迹可以出现。 Foshan uncle autistic parents don't give up, love, miracles can occur.
  • 我同学的孩子也自闭症,家人很痛苦。 Fighting to the end bj my classmate's child also suffers from autism and the family is suffering. Support Yimeng's actions and care for children with autism.
  • 参加公司活动的时候看到了这些孩子,其实他们很聪明,只是不表达,也没办法融入到社会中。 Yolanda66 saw these children when he was participating in company activities. In fact, they were very smart, but they did not express themselves and could not integrate into the society.
  • 希望能有越来越多的人加入到志愿者的行列中 I have a good face and hope that more and more people will join the ranks of volunteers
Love blessing
  • 希望自闭症的孩子们早日康复! Small chen hopes that autistic children will recover soon!
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  • 朋友的孩子也是自闭症,父母和孩子真的都不容易,希望可以尽快治愈。 The children of Hippo Radar's friends are also autistic. Parents and children are really not easy. I hope they can be cured as soon as possible.
  • 祈祷世界上的自闭症儿童越来越少,健康的孩子越来越多 MR Xiaoxiao prays for fewer and fewer autistic children in the world, and more healthy children
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  • 益盟公益,点滴珍贵,希望大家都行动起来 Taking advantage of the current situation for the benefit of the commonweal, bit by bit precious, I hope everyone will act
  • 作为第十个自闭症日慈善音乐会活动的志愿者,我承诺今后会为这些孩子做更多 Sunshine Fingerprints As a volunteer for the 10th Autism Day Charity Concert, I promise to do more for these children in the future
  • 祝愿这些不善言辞但非常有才又可爱的小朋友早日康复 Yuan Yaya wishes these bad-speaking but very talented and lovely children to recover soon
  • 希望他们有一天也可以像同龄的孩子一样去学校读书,和其他孩子一样交朋友,每天快乐开心 Qing Congquan Feifei hopes that one day they can go to school like children of the same age, make friends with other children, and be happy every day
  • 呼吁社会各界和益盟一起关注孤独症儿童 Yiyan2013 calls on all sectors of society and Yimeng to pay attention to children with autism
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