risk warning
1. Users should understand the various market risks and policy risks faced by securities investment, understand the connotation and basic rules of securities investment advisory business, and understand that users should make investment decisions independently and bear investment risks independently.
2. All data and information provided by the Yimeng Trader are for reference only. Users should make a rational judgment before making investment decisions and bear their own investment risks.
3. The user should understand the actual functions, information sources, inherent defects and use risks of the Yimeng Trader software.
4. The Yimeng Trader software has the functions of selecting securities investment types and prompting trading opportunities by analyzing and calculating related information and data. It aims to help users make rational decisions and control risks during the investment process. Users should not consider them as Yimeng. The trader expressly or impliedly promises and guarantees the investment income, and should not regard it as a judgment on the trend of securities varieties or provide a feasibility analysis, prediction or recommendation of securities investment, or any other form of securities investment advice.
5. Yimeng Trader shall not bear any breach of contract, compensation or other civil liabilities for the risk or loss of the user's investment decision.